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Operation : Guerilla Intellectualism. [english]

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Back to school, to mark the occasion, today's topic is guerilla intellectualism or as I often saying doing/holding a PhD is not activism. Exceptionalism is not a political project, nor the fact of diversifying prestigious institutions. What does it mean to be a scholarly activist? Does academia stand in solidarity with revolutions or social change? To try to answer, in this episode we will use a compass, that of the activist, historian, and Guyanese politician Walter Rodney. A compass that always shows the direction of the revolution, using one of its concepts: guerilla intellectualism.

My guest today is Rebecca A. Wilcox. Rebecca is a PhD student at Princeton Theological Seminary concentrating in Religion and Society. Her research uses analytics of spectral theory, antiBlackness, and Black feminism to explore the hauntings of Black, radical, epistemologies honed out of underground economies. Wilcox is from the Bronx, New York where she was raised by her mother and five siblings. She is a proud HBCU alumna of Clark Atlanta University.

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