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Our Birth Story

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In this heartfelt episode, Kelli and Conner share the intimate details of the birth of their daughter. From the excitement of starting a family to the challenges of Kelli's 5-week contractions and unexpected twists along the way, get ready to be taken on an emotional journey. Despite the stress and uncertainty, Kelli and Conner remained a strong team, advocating for themselves and each other. You’ll hear Kelli recount how Conner showed up for her, and the terrifying experience of Kelli’s emergency surgery. The episode ends with a listener Q&A, covering topics such as the cost of a home birth, their experiences with parenthood, and Kelli's transition into motherhood.

Today on OK, Babe.

  • Challenges K+C faced during Kelli's 5-week contractions
  • Kelli’s near-death birth experience & emergency surgery
  • How K+C remained a strong team & advocated for each other
  • Scar tissue: how it affected Kelli's ability to dilate during childbirth
  • Choosing a painful vs. traumatic Birth
  • Listener Q&A: cost of home birth, parenthood, breastfeeding 

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