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LSE Review of Books Podcast in Brazil: Episode 3: Politics, People and Petroleum [Audio]

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Contributor(s): Francisco Panizza, Anthony Hall, Guy Michaels, Francesco Casselli, André Vitor Singer, Armando Simões, Antonio Claret Campos Filho, Marcos Mendes, Marislei Nishijima | In the third and final episode of our series on Brazil, we head inland from Rio de Janeiro, to the heart of the country’s political life: the capital of Brasília. Authors from the LSE, the University of São Paulo, and Brasília policymakers, talk to LSE Review of Books about left-of-centre politics and social development in the country. We also find out whether Brazil proves or disproves the "oil curse" theory. Presented by Amy Mollett. Produced by Cheryl Brumley. Music and sound came courtesy of: Groove Gravy Records for "Jazzilicious Sambossa" from their Brazil Remixed album with special permission; TVBNR "Em pronunciamento, Dilma do Bolsa Familia" via Youtube (CC BY); DJ Sunho from the album DJ Sunho in Brasil with special permission; and selections from SoulBrigada presents One Note Samba Mixtape Vol.2. (CC BY). Published 22 July 2014.

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