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LSE Review of Books in Brazil: Rio in transition [Audio]

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Contributor(s): Cheryl Brumley | In the first episode of a three-part series on Brazil, the LSE Review of Books Podcast takes a closer look at the city of Rio de Janiero to uncover wider issues that face the world’s fastest growing cities. Before talking to LSE and Brazilian authors about their books on Brazil, LSERB podcast producer, Cheryl Brumley, made her first stop at the annual Urban Age Conference to hear how politicians, academics and planners from cities around the globe grapple with city transformations. The conference, put on by LSE Cities and the Alfred Herrhausen Society, is a globetrotting event which invites 70 experts to participate in a two-day investigation of cities. The conference took place in Rio amidst unprecedented urban transformation and ambitious redevelopment projects, spurred on by the impending World Cup and Olympic Games. This podcast features Ricky Burdett, Director of LSE Cities, and architectural adviser to the London 2012 Olympics; Washington Farjado, Adviser on Urban Affairs to the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro; Dame Tessa Jowell, MP and former UK Minister for the Olympics; Enrique Peñalosa, former Mayor of Bogota; Amanda Burden, Director of the New York City Department of Planning; and many others. Presented and produced by Cheryl Brumley. Other Contributors in order of appearance: Ricky Burdett, Antoni Vives, Washington Farjado, Jurgen Bruns-Berentelg, Dame Tessa Jowell, Anthony Williams, Andy Altman, Jailson de Sousa e Silva, Suketu Mehta, Alejandro Echeverri, Edgar Pieterse, Amanda Burden, Silvio Torres, Maria Olivia Rocart, Enrique Penalosa, Adam Greenfield. Music and sound came courtesy of: DJ Sunho from the album DJ Sunho in Brasil with special permission; The Prelinger Archives: Brazil: South American Medley (National Geographic, 1948).

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