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True Detective: Night Country | Episode 6 Finale !

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She IS awake ! ... and so are we! 

Well folks it is time for all one-eyed polar bears to make their way off to that ice cave for a big long snooze, because Issa, Jodie, Kali, Finn and team … including Fiona ( I gut coyotes and polish my rifles on New Year’s Eve for fun) Shaw are delivering us from the darkness of our wildest conspiracy theories, into the light (see what I did there?) of clarity.

Well, maybe ...did this most watched season of True Detective of all time tie up all the loose ends flapping around the Ennis permafrost? Almost! Listen to Lisa and Dean break it all down for you. 

But wait !  This week we are joined by fellow podcasters Sarah Callen and Jennifer Han. Like Lisa and Dean, Sarah and Jen have been recapping this series on THEIR fantastic podcast titled ‘TV & Us. Check them out here or wherever you get your pods.

Your Dynamic Duo (squared) will dig into the finale like one of Qavvik's pups eating their reindeer kibble .. and reassemble it in one easy to digest TV dinner of explanatory goodness.

I could go on here with the Shownotes (sez Dean) but why not just ‘go on’ on the pod !

Holy rolling oranges Batman ... to the Ice Cave !
🎶 Nah nah nah nah  nah nah nah nah naaaaah ...


TV &Us The podcast created by today’s guests Jennifer Han and Sarah Callen

“Lawless,” a ProPublica Local Reporting Network project by the Anchorage Daily News that reveals how indigenous people in Alaska are denied public safety services, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting and Public Service

Is this Navarro ?

Joel Montgrand’s own podcast on First Nations talent in tv and film  is called ‘Actors and Ancestors’  check it out here

Issa deconstructs the Finale episode

Screenrant ask: Is Wind River better than True Detective ? 😱


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