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Pre Oscar Prep with Lisa & Paul - Saturday Morning Special

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Lisa woke up this morning realizing she is WAY behind on her Oscar nomination watching! Like, she has only seen “Barbie”. So to psych herself up to watch all the rest of these performances for all the Best Acting awards at least, Lisa sits down with Oscar savant Paul Sullivan, who has seen EVERY best picture nominee since 1943, to discuss the task she has ahead of her. Paul gives Lisa a little preview on what he thinks of all the films this year, and weighs in on all the performances (and he may or may not do a few impressions)…Paul also takes us down the rabbit hole of past Academy Award winners and compares them to this year’s hopefuls . (btw, humble brag, Lisa cast nominee Colman Domingo in a film years ago, so she is already rooting for him without seeing him in “Rustin” yet, is that wrong?). Will Lisa be able to set aside her existential angst about these award shows in general before the big ceremony? Tune in to our pre-game chat to find out. (Note, yes, you will hear the moment that their dog Eleanor knocks over a big flower pot in the yard and gets a snootful of mud, we didn’t have the energy to edit that out).  



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