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True Detective: Night Country | Episode 5 Recap

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Well that was unexpected ! Issa and crew certainly delivered a shock ending. Farewell Hank ... thanks for the cool tune on the way out.

Lisa and Dean cover off on all the aspects you'd imagine ... and some you wont expect.

Peter and Liz have worst New Year’s Eve ever (though it must be said, it was even worse for Hank and Heiss.

We're still being kept in the dark (see what I did there?) about whether there truly is supernatural stuff going or are the visions just trauma associated with tke case and the unnatural eternal darkness. 

Hank showed his true colours, but so did Kate and Connolly. Will they get their just deserts 

Will Issa give us closure on the whole Holden/Jake backstory?

All will be revealed !


Great interview with John Hawkes.

Recap away


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