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True Detective: Night Country | Episode 02 with Joel Montgrand !

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You knew that Lisa and Dean were already VERY excited about True Detective: Night Country  … but today that excitement was ramped up to level infinity because we are joined in the pod today by one of those actors who despite their role being nominally a recurring co-star, they simply steal your eyeballs in every scene they are in.

And don’t take our word for it … after his filming was finished and he was back Stateside, Showrunner Issa López thought so much of his performance that she wrote extra dialogue for him and flew him back for more filming.

Today, we are talking about the amazing actor Joel Montgrand !  Better known to viewers as Qavvik, Navarro’s hunky, convenient, sex toy and proprietor of the  local brewhouse called … err … Qavvik’s.

Joel covers his scarcely believable  path to acting, his background as a proud Cree man from Saskatchewan and we dive into his  experience on this season with some cool stories of his time in Iceland for principal filming. That’s right folks, it was shot in Iceland not Alaska !  Wanna know why ?  Just listen along to find out.

And when you are done with all that ear candy from Navvaro's eye candy, then (like Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop) you can go deep, deep DEEP! undercover … with the extensive links below: OK, deep breath … and away we go:

Joel’s own podcast on First Nations talent in tv and film  is called ‘Actors and Ancestors’  check it out here

Here’s a terrific interview with Jodie Foster and Showrunner Issa Lopez 

All about Kali Reis the astounding actress playing Evangeline Navarro

A wonderfully readable article on the locations used in this season

Here’s a Buch of RECAPS from the likes of vulture, NYT, Variety and more …

A brilliant resource called TuneFind which lists all the music used in tv and film and most importantly WHERE it occurs in the show !  

All about The Tuttle Cult as er Season 1 … and now introduced to this Season 4

Horrific true life inspiration for the ‘Corpsicle’ of scientists from Tsalal.

And finally the IMDB page for Night Country with the complete cast list for this season, in case you need to remind yourself who is who … lord knows we do !

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