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True Detective: Night Country | Episode 02 | Bonus with Dean

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We all know how much Dean likes to run his mouth and be a smarty pants, especially with all the minutiae that he jazzes on joining dots hither and yon.

There was SO much to unpack in Episode 2 that even though we spent an hour with the legend Joel Montgrand, we still couldn’t cover all the twists and turns in that episode. 

So if you don’t dig the digging deep, give this one a miss. But of you like getting down and dirty (or frosty) with all the easy-to-miss connections and fan theories looking ahead … then dive in !

Let us know what you think and ask Dean followup questions on our True Detective: Night Country Fan page on the Book of Faces here

Episode 3 Preview/Trailer 


Joel’s own podcast on First Nations talent in tv and film  is called ‘Actors and Ancestors’  check it out here

Here’s a terrific interview with Jodie Foster and Showrunner Issa Lopez 

All about Kali Reis the astounding actress playing Evangeline Navarro

A wonderfully readable article on the locations used in this season

Here’s a Buch of RECAPS from the likes of vulture, NYT, Variety and more …

A brilliant resource called TuneFind which lists all the music used in tv and film and most importantly WHERE it occurs in the show !  

All about The Tuttle Cult as er Season 1 … and now introduced to this Season 4

Horrific true life inspiration for the ‘Corpsicle’ of scientists from Tsalal.

And finally the IMDB page for Night Country with the complete cast list for this season, in case you need to remind yourself who is who … lord knows we do !

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