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True Detective: Night Country | Episode 01 Recap

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Lace your snow boots up nice and tight, snuggle into that down parka  and scrunch your hat on good and proper because Lisa and Dean are leading you into their recap of the first episode of the much awaited fourth season of True Detective.

After three series by Nic Pizzolatto, new Showrunner Issa Lopez has some big boots to fill ... can she do it?  What sensibilities will her esoteric Guillermo del Toro-esque magical realism and horror bring to the table and will it resonate with viewers like Season One ... or puzzle and frustrate as Series Two and Three did for some viewers ?

Season One famously had Rust and Marty as the primary investigators,  Seasons Two and Three were mixed. Here in Season Four we have two very strong female leads in Jodie Foster and the astounding Kali Reis. What will they make of it ?  A fist ?  Or a dog's breakfast ?

So many questions !  Listen in for the answers.


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