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True Detective | Episode 3| Recap

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Lisa and Dean delve into the depths and profundity ofTrue Detective: Night Episode 3.

How is Kali Reis in her third only role SMASHING it, up against the legend that is Jodie Foster ?

Peter wants to know ‘Who is Mrs. Robinson ?” (Snicker)

WT ACTUAL  F is going on with Liz and Eve at William Wheeler's crummy, homicidal shack ?

When Navarro slips on the ice and has a vision of Liz’s son Holden, why is he reversed/flipped horizontally ? 

Why …. Oh FMD … too many questions and not enough answers! Tune in to get our take on what we think so far.

Credit to the following;


Pete Peppers YT recap (the best !)

Think Story

Sedna Mythology

Oranges in The Godfather as a harbinger of death 



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