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Spices to Flavor the Moment with Mark Jacobs, Chairman of Watkins, the 150-year-old Spice Company

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We are spicing things up with Mark Jacobs, Chairman of Watkins, award-winning extracts, spices & herbs, seasoning blends, grilling rubs & marinades, artificial dye-free baking decorations, and more crafted in the USA since 1868; the company with the first ever documented money-back guarantee (talk about trusting your spices!). Mark divulges the delicate (and sometimes dangerous) process of sourcing the finest vanilla beans in Madagascar and explains why vanilla can be so darn expensive, only sometimes. But vanilla's not all they offer! Mark shares surprising health benefits of spices, and spills the tea on how Watkins keeps their huge variety of spices bursting with flavor - including a tip to properly storing your spices at home. Speaking of unique offerings, Watkins is now in the Bourbon business, and we learn all about the intricacies of this new exciting vertical for the brand. Mark even reveals the one spice that mysteriously eludes Watkins (and why), and shares exactly what to look for when you're on the hunt for the perfect spices. Whether you're a spice connoisseur, a curious cook, or a foodie, this episode is packed with flavor-boosting tips and fascinating facts about food and the brand leading the way for delicious flavors. - Did you know host John was the person who introduced Harissa from Tunisia to the U.S. 15 years ago? Or that Himalayan salt comes from Pakistan? - Tune into the episode for more. -- This season of Foods That Matter is presented by Watkins. Executive Producers: AJ Moseley and Stuart Halperin Editing: AJ Moseley Marketing: Catrin Skaperdas Music: Jenny G

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