Foods That Matter podcast

Foods That Matter

John Robert Sutton

Come along for a culinary thrill as Foods That Matter transports the epicures, the foodies, and the gastronauts to different corners of the world through stories of adventure with food archeologist John Robert Sutton, also known as 'The Indiana Jones of Food.' John has invited us to continue unlocking the secrets to the globe's most extraordinary cuisines, as he's been doing throughout his travel in over 120 countries. While he pushes on enriching top grocery stores and Michelin-starred chefs with the finest ingredients and powering them with the most unique and sustainable products, John is bringing us along with him to where these rare foods can be found. Listen and gain insider knowledge on trending foods, deep insights into food culture, and a comprehensive understanding of what you're eating, including food origins. Plus, learn how to discover these culinary treasures on your own.

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