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Learning Through Your Ancestors with Alma Carmina Márquez

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The concept of transformative ancestral communion is one that is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. 

It is a way to connect with our ancestors and tap into their wisdom and guidance. 

In this episode, we will explore how Alma Carmina Márquez uses her art to explore ancestral communion and its transformative power.

Carmina is a multimedia artist and brujx based in Oakland, California. As a first generation Mexican American, their work reflects a state of being in between worlds. Drawing from Nahua, Basque, and Sefardí magical traditions, as well as their vivid dream landscapes, they explore ancestral communion, gritty sensual power, and possibilities in floral masculinity. Their work is concerned with integrating the dark regenerative principle and conjuring other-than-human communication to reveal the imminent animate world. Their creativity is influenced by Indigenous Mexican views on gestation and childbirth, and they work with herbs, bodywork, and astrology to guide people through life transitions.

What you learn in this episode:

  • How to weave ancestral knowledge into your life

  • Connecting with your ancestors

  • Healing through prayer

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