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A Life-Changing Journey to Peru with Naomi Velasquez

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Life can change unexpectedly.

That is something my guest, Naomi Velasquez learned on her journey. Her experience with astrogeography has taught her that trusting your intuition and taking risks can lead to amazing things.

She is living on her Uranus line in Peru, which is all about unconventional things happening and that has definitely been her experience.

Naomi is a Manifestation Expert & Spiritual Teacher with 5+ years of experience in Spiritual & Cosmic Manifestation Coaching. She is a highly sought-after Manifestation Coach and is widely regarded for her unique manifestation approach combining Spirituality, Astrology, Human Design & Tarot to help her clients & students achieve complete alignment & sovereignty as they manifest their dream lives. Join her Quantum Leap Experience Retreat in Tulum this August 2023!

What you learn in this episode:

  • How unexpected life changes can bring you joy

  • Trusting your intuition to manifest success

  • How life can change in an instant

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