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Clearing the Darkness to Find the Light with Jade Se-Tho

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Do you want to heal your self-doubt, sabotaging behavior, and low self-worth?

My guest, Jade Se-Tho used astrogeography to help her do just that. She used the energy of the places she visited to find her light and work through her darkness.

In this episode, Jade helps you look at the darkness within you to help you find the light.

Jade is an energy healer who works directly with removing limiting patterns and consciousness. She is also a certified mindset coach, life coach, NLP practitioner, and hypnotherapist.

We will cover

  • The power of healing old wounds
  • How past lives can impact your current life
  • Why it’s essential to break the cycle of repeating patterns
  • The concept that there can’t be light without dark

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