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Episode 4: Erebus

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Still in detention, Riyad needs surgery but has no family in Syria to help him. Diab, now free, ignores his family's pleas and participates in the revolution. The regime's Intelligence takes Abu Emad, a former army engineer, along with Majd and Abed (Ghufran's brothers) to the same place, Sednaya. With increasing executions and disappeared persons ending up in Sednaya, the detention camp's reputation as a dark abyss continues to grow. Behind the Sun is co-produced by Message Heard and The Syria Campaign, in collaboration with the Association of Detainees and the Missing (ADMSP) and the Syrian Center for Justice and Accountability (SJAC) under its project On the Margins No More. Archive used: BBC World News America. PBS. 1 June 2012. Bill Neeley. NBC Nightly News. 16 July 2016. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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