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Episode 3: Icarus

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During the revolution, Syrians rise and fill the streets calling for freedom and dignity, while the Assad regime used detention and torture as tools, including Sednaya, to crush the peaceful uprising. Nadia explores how the 2011 revolution changed Riyad and Diab's living conditions inside Sednaya. We hear from Ghufran, who tells us about her family’s activism, who see promise in the uprising but will face the heavy hand of Assad’s regime. Behind the Sun is co-produced by Message Heard and The Syria Campaign, in collaboration with the Association of Detainees and the Missing (ADMSP) and the Syrian Center for Justice and Accountability (SJAC) under its project On the Margins No More. Archive used: Barbara Walters Interview by ABC News. 7 Dec 2011. Syria is our Country. By Assi Al Hilani. 13 Aug 2011. CBS Evening News. 15 Jan 2011. Anderson Cooper. CNN. 31 Jan 2011. Mubarak Steps Down. FOX News. 11 Feb 2011. NBC Nightly News. 28 Mar 2011. Anderson Cooper 360. CNN. 18 June 2011. Scott Pelley. CBS Evening News. 15 June 2011. For the Syrian people, they will not humiliate the spark of the Syrian revolution. AlMadina Channel. 17 Feb 2019. YT Vid.  From Houran Hilt Al-Bashaer, Daraa, Syria. binghaziI. 20 Mar 2011. YT Vid  Syria: Demonstrations continue in Daraa for the fourth day. BBC News. 21 Mar 2011. YT Vid. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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