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New Evidence of Non-Local Consciousness (Plus 10 Examples You May Have Experienced!)

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Welcome to the Wholistic Living podcast. I’m your host Elena Bensonoff. Today, we're going to talk about non-local consciousness, which is the idea that consciousness is not limited to individual brains or bodies but is instead a field of energy that is interconnected and shared by all beings. 

If you’re listening to this, I bet you’re familiar with the concept of the “collective consciousness.” 

Nonlocality is a key feature of the collective consciousness and now there is new scientific evidence that can support its existence!

In this episode, we will dive into some scientific evidence of nonlocality - including a study that was just published with fascinating results. 

Then, we will explore 10 examples of non-local consciousness and you’ll want to stay tuned because there’s a good chance you’ve experienced at least 1! Finally, I’ll tell you how you can join a flourishing community of consciousness explorers with a Vibrational Revelations membership.

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If you’re feeling stuck or searching for something more from your human experience - exploring the mysteries of the Universe is the solution you have been looking for. 

Thank you for listening. Until next time, stay aligned!

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