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A Hobo, A Tramp, A Bum

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Time can wear a word down. If said to much, or not enough, it can begin to mean something else entirely or in some cases start to blend into the words around it. Three such words are hobo, tramp and bum. 

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  • The Wind podcast

    Hell Walk


    Let's take a long walk. We'll park at the Walmart. Cross the asphalt, past the Arby's and the TJ Maxx. Get on the sidewalk, right between the street and the parking lot. Now, keep walking. Pass the KFC and the Payless Shoes. In just a few long minutes you'll reach the Circle K. Hit the crosswalk button -- it's only you on foot. Watch the traffic back up as you slowly cross the 6 lanes and step into the Burger King parking lot. Behind it, you'll find a Costco. Now the trick is to keep walking, as far as you can, until you can't anymore. And then turn around and walk back.
  • The Wind podcast

    Why to Build an Aeolian Harp (with John Luther Adams)


    In a quest to understand the Aeolian Harp, an interview with composer John Luther Adams. 
  • The Wind podcast

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  • The Wind podcast

    How to Build an Aeolian Harp


    Traveling the west with an Aeolian Harp: listening in dry lake beds, great sand dunes, and the world's largest living organism, Pando Aspen Grove // official reports from the road.
  • The Wind podcast

    The Disintegration Loops


    All we talk about is the smoke. Where I live it has replaced the weather; both conversationally and to some degree physically. Fire has become its own season.I have not had a conversation in over a month that didn’t at least touch on the smoke.But really, that’s only if we’re lucky. Because if we aren’t talking about the smoke, it’s because a fire has come close enough to talk about that instead. Close enough to our houses or friends houses or favorite places in the mountains that we watch slowly be eaten by a red line as the Facebook group updates the fire perimeter.
  • The Wind podcast

    Year 2 • Prologue


    A note on Throat Forest, a half-failing aspen grove that I pass through on my way to my handmade desk in the woods. 
  • The Wind podcast

    Bonus Episode: Jessica Bruder (Nomadland)


    A conversation with Nomadland author Jessica Bruder from February 2020.  
  • The Wind podcast



    I sit at my desk and the wind scrapes endlessly through the canyon. Glad that I could capture a little bit of it and fold it up into words and yips and yodels for you this year. Catch you soon.
  • The Wind podcast

    A Shout Across the Valley


    The unlikely history of voice breaking in American music, and what it says about us.
  • The Wind podcast

    Time Flies


    Before this patch of Lodgepole Pines became my office, I was walking through the meadow. I heard a small waterfall coming from inside a bush. Since waterfalls don't come from inside bushes, I elbowed my way in to find a Fountain of Youth -- a rusty pipe spouting the coolest, clearest water I had ever tasted. 
  • The Wind podcast



    Dan Flores and his book Coyote America, dueling press releases, and The Wind Inaugural Coyote Calling Contest.

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