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The Wind

Fil Corbitt, The Wind

A podcast about listening

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  • The Wind podcast

    Bonus Episode: Jessica Bruder (Nomadland)


    A conversation with Nomadland author Jessica Bruder from February 2020.  
  • The Wind podcast



    I sit at my desk and the wind scrapes endlessly through the canyon. Glad that I could capture a little bit of it and fold it up into words and yips and yodels for you this year. Catch you soon.
  • The Wind podcast

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  • The Wind podcast

    A Shout Across the Valley


    The unlikely history of voice breaking in American music, and what it says about us.
  • The Wind podcast

    Time Flies


    Before this patch of Lodgepole Pines became my office, I was walking through the meadow. I heard a small waterfall coming from inside a bush. Since waterfalls don't come from inside bushes, I elbowed my way in to find a Fountain of Youth -- a rusty pipe spouting the coolest, clearest water I had ever tasted. 
  • The Wind podcast



    Dan Flores and his book Coyote America, dueling press releases, and The Wind Inaugural Coyote Calling Contest.
  • The Wind podcast



    An investigation of subversion by Emily Pratt.
  • The Wind podcast



    A quick tour of the office, as it snows on my desk. 
  • The Wind podcast

    A Tale of Two Mountains


    In 2017, Jeff Davis Peak (California) and Jefferson Davis Peak (Nevada) began the process of shedding their names. In this episode, we journey through the bureaucratic network that names places in the US, and try to get a handle on what it means to name a place.
  • The Wind podcast

    A Hobo, A Tramp, A Bum


    Time can wear a word down. If said to much, or not enough, it can begin to mean something else entirely or in some cases start to blend into the words around it. Three such words are hobo, tramp and bum. 
  • The Wind podcast



    How gender neutral language is working for non-binary people, and how it’s developing in English, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Hebrew. Featuring Avery Hellman (Ismay), Cara Nguyen, Dana Dela Cruz, Tyler Broderick (Diners), nwaobiala, Tuck Woodstock (gender reveal), Dan Everton, Jaq Victor, Em Jiang, Lior Gross, Eyal Rivlin (Non-binary Hebrew project). 

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