The Road to Self Love podcast

The Road to Self Love

Paul Fishman

Join Self Love Coach, Paul Fishman, and his guests literally and figuratively on the road to self love. You can expect candid conversation about life, self love and a road trip game or two!

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  • The Road to Self Love podcast

    How Little Miracles can Lead to the Big Shifts with Bailey Stansworth & Jacci Rai


    Do you want a sacred space where you feel welcomed and supported? Join Self52! Oh hey, Self Lovers! This episode is all about how spending time with your best friends and being surrounded by the right community should be of the highest priority for us self lovers. We are joined by Bailey Stanworth and Jaccirai, the two incredible hosts of What day is it? podcast. Our conversation today is just like 3 best friends hanging out in the car and talking about everything from their backstories and how they ended up hosting a very successful podcast together to sharing vulnerable moments about unhealed traumas. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS! (0:00) - Intro + a very special announcement  (9:22) - Diving into the backstories of Bailey & Jaci (16:50) - Working with a business partner who is also your friend   (26:20) - Playing we’re not really strangers  (41:27) - What does self love mean to you? (42:53) - Fuck marry kill (45:42) - Outro EPISODE LINKS Listen to What day is it? podcast Instagram- Podcast - @whatdayistitpodcast Bailey - @baileyjst Jacci - @jaccirai DM me on instagram: @PaulFishman Youtube: Paul Fishman TikTok: @Paul.Fishman Website: PaulFishman.Love Text: 619-202-8353  
  • The Road to Self Love podcast

    Take Back Your Power & Life Updates with Paul Fishman


    Oh hey, Self Lovers! We're getting vulnerable today- like, pit in my stomach am I actually publishing this, vulnerable. We chat taking your power back, what's going on behind the scenes of my business, comparison and so much more. come say hi on IG @paulfishman check out my website
  • The Road to Self Love podcast

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  • The Road to Self Love podcast

    The Difference Between the Masculine and Feminine with Madelyn Moon


    Oh hey, Self Lovers! Today we’re joined by Madelyn Moon! She is a walking permission slip, a soul igniter and helps humans turn their “drama” into “dharma” so they can have deep love and intimacy.  This episode is for you if you struggle with- Slowing down in life Giving yourself the permission to evolve.  Making yourself wrong for having emotions. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS! (4:10) - Madelyn’s back story and how to navigate through negative things in life (12:41) - What is masculine & feminine energy? (22:19) - How to notice if you are in balance with your masculine & feminine (27:09) - Road trip game #1 (35:23) - How to give yourself permission to evolve (39:58) - What does self love mean to you? If you are just casually obsessed with Madelyn, you can find her at- Instagram: @madelynmoon Website: I want you to know that you are not a burden at all and I would love to help you with your self-love journey so DM me on Instagram: @PaulFishman Youtube: Paul Fishman TikTok: @Paul.Fishman Website: PaulFishman.Love Text: 619-202-8353 Apply for The Self Love Diet today 
  • The Road to Self Love podcast

    3 Steps to Heal Your Trauma with Paul Fishman


    Oh hey Self Lovers, today we're talking about the difference between being a victim and living in victimhood. Plus I give you my 3 step process for healing trauma. DM me on Instagram @paulfishman or email me at if you want to work together 1:1 Apply for The Self Love Diet
  • The Road to Self Love podcast

    Stop the Negative Self Talk with Amanda Hainline


    oh hey, Self Lovers, today I'm joined by Amanda Hainline, an author and emotional empowerment coach. Today we chat about how to ditch the negative self-talk, Self Love for Empaths, and Amanda's journey into emotional resiliency. Timestamps: 2:35 - Amanda's spiritual awaking and back story. 12:24 - Being aware of negative self-talk 17:47 - How to ditch the negative self-talk 32:36 - the story of how to feel better in 5 mins 38:42 - Trauma reframed! 41:45 - road trip game #1 50:10 - What does self-love mean to you? Get Amanda's new book Feel Better in Five Minutes Connect with Amanda Instagram: @akhainline Website: Connect with Paul: Instagram: @paulfishman website:
  • The Road to Self Love podcast

    How to Stop Fearing Failure with Paul Fishman


    Oh hey Self Lovers! Today's episode of Self Love Solocasts is a very important one. We are diving deep into the "F Word" and that word is Failure! If you struggle doing the things you want to do because you're scared to fail If you hold yourself back because you're worried what other's will think of you If you so badly want things that you don't feel worthy of This episode is for you! --- Apply for The Self Love Diet: Come hang out with me: Instagram @paulfishman tiktok @paul.fishman YouTube: Paul Fishman
  • The Road to Self Love podcast

    Taking a Chance on Your Dreams with Audrey Christensen


    Oh hey, Self Lovers! Today we're joined by Audrey Christensen, a full-time textile artist and visionary. Just a few months ago Audrey was forced to quit her job and leap headfirst into the career she had always dreamt of! Hear Audrey's story, learn all about the magic that happened when she trusted herself, what it means to step fully into your dreams and how to move through the fear of failure. Watch the interview on YouTube Follow Audrey everywhere @heybefab visit her website: Apply for The Self Love Diet today  Follow Paul @paulfishman
  • The Road to Self Love podcast

    Why Your Self Worth is Your Own Responsibility with Tracy Duhs


    Oh hey, Self Lovers!  We're back at it again with ANOTHER repeat guest! That makes two weeks in a row of featuring people I HAD to have another road trip with!  This week, allow me to introduce the very vibrant Ms. Tracy Duhs (pronounced Dues, not like Duh).  Tracy is a fellow podcaster, a single mom, and an expert in all things hydration. She also has SO. MANY words of wisdom when it comes to relationships! The second half of our conversation revolves entirely around that subject, so listen to this one, hard.  EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS!  (7:21) Combating Perfectionism (22:26) Nature's Medicine (38:47) Your Responsibility to Yourself EPISODE LINKS! Find Tracy Online! Website: TracyDuhs.Com Instagram: @TracyDuhs Listen to Tracy's Podcast, Hydrate! Pre-Order Hydrate, Tracy's Book! Don't forget to tag Tracy and I on Instagram to let us know YOUR response to our Self Reflection card!  Find Me Online! DM me on Instagram: @PaulFishman to let me know how else I can support you!  TikTok: @Paul.Fishman Website: PaulFishman.Love Text: 619-202-8353
  • The Road to Self Love podcast

    Getting Present with Paul Fishman


    Self Lovers! Today we're getting real about getting present in your life. I'm giving you real-life examples around how I got a present, easy things to do and we'll also chat about why being present is so hard for so many of us. Apply for The Self Love Diet Instagram: @paulfishman tiktok: @paul.fishman youtube: Paul Fishman text "Self Love" to 619-202-8353  
  • The Road to Self Love podcast

    Get Connected to Your Contribution with Loralei Bayette


    Oh hey, Self Lovers!  This week I am SO excited to bring you episode TWO with my stunning, fabulous, profound friend, Loralei Bayette!  Loralei joined me on the road back in January, when we talked about why manifestation isn't working for you. Now, she is back to discuss getting connected and centered so that you can be the best, most authentic version of yourself.  I love all of my conversations with Loralei, so I can't wait to share her with you again!    EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS!  (7:18) Healing Before Contributing (15:12) The First Step in Getting to Know Yourself (42:55) Driven by Trauma   EPISODE LINKS!  Go say hi to Loralei on her Instagram! @LoraleiBayette ...and when you're done, come say hi to ME on my Instagram! @PaulFishman Listen to Loralei's Last Episode! Find Me On... TikTok: @Paul.Fishman Website: PaulFishman.Love Text: 619-202-8353

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