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This is a beautiful, educational episode, particularly for those who have not yet studied with us and would like some insight on what it is like to be part of The Hosting Masterclass Community. 

Joining us today are three of our brand new (at the time of recording) graduates from South Australia - Susie from The Humble Harvest, Kate from The Inkwell and Stacey, from The Margot. The ladies ask me their burning questions, all from the couch of Ms Evelyn’s, as hosted by Lisa. It was such a pleasure being completed surrounded by our community on this day, and I hope you can feel it through the words in this episode. 

Our guests today are

Susie, from The Humble Harvest
Kate, from The Inkwell
Stacey, from The Margot 

And we recorded, on the couch at
Ms Evelyn’s, hosted by Lisa

Sarah’s meditation teacher, is
The Broad Place

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