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Nutrition Made Simple with Dr Gil Carvalho

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In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr Gil Carvalho about the nuisances of nutrition  as shared by the media and influencers on social media, Dr Carvalho breaks down what the science says about some of the most commonly asked health questions online. For more details , follow Dr Carvalho on You Tube where he shares easy to follow and comprehensive videos breaching the gap between what is shared online and science 

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About Dr Carvalho  

Dr Gil Carvalho is a respected physician and research scientist with a profound depth of knowledge in nutrition and genetics. Educated as a medical doctor at the University of Lisbon and holding a PhD in Biology from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Dr. Carvalho has made significant research contributions in fields spanning molecular biology, aging, and neuroscience. He's also the creator of Nutrition Made Simple, a platform aimed at distilling complex nutrition concepts for the public. Renowned for his expertise and his dedication to clear, factual science communication, Dr Carvalho brings an insightful, evidence-based perspective on the health impacts of canola oil, unswayed by any conflicts of interest or affiliations.


Connect with Gil Carvalho, MD PhD: 

 YouTube:    / @nutritionmadesimple

 Twitter/X:  / nutritionmades3  

 Facebook:  / drgilcarvalho  





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