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Fruit and spiritual growth with Eli Martyr

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In this episode we speak to Eli Martyr,  from The Freemelon Society. He has ONLY EATEN FRUIT FOR almost a decade and here he shares his reasoning behind that and how this diet has been more than just about the food, but a spiritual path of elevation and growth.

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About The Freemelon Society and Eli

The FreeMelon Society is a youtube channel which will seek to share knowledge about health, healing, detoxification, diet and general wellness, but will take these subjects deeper than is conventionally undertaken. Immense Study Reveals the relationship between the unseen hidden forces of nature in constant operation that govern the effects of not only what we put in our bodies, but what we think, feel and act as well. It's my goal as founder of this channel to help those in my circle of influence remember the vast and beautiful truths of nature, and how we can use them to advance our progress as higher beings on a path to divinity. With of course the wonderful side effect of vibrant health and wellness with the complete impossibility of illness or disease. Subscription to this channel i hope will bring deeper understandings into who you are, what your nature is and other such questions that when answered will help answer many other questions that spring up around the topic of health and wellness.

Eli's Youtube Channel:

Eli's IG: @freemelon_eli  



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