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Rhiannon, Temporary Repatriation Lasts Way Longer Than Expected

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Rhiannon is an Australian-Swiss dual citizen who left the land down under to move to Switzerland directly after finishing school. Many years, a Swiss partner and some life experience later, she felt immense pressure to return to Australia and obtain a degree as she had always planned to do.

With a countdown set on her phone, Rhiannon enrolled in a midwifery course, and then for one reason and another, her repatriation ended up lasting way longer than she had originally planned. Because she had not expected for repatting to be so difficult or painful, Rhiannon took to the internet and happened upon my blog around three years ago. Thankfully for both of us, a virtual connection centered on a shared struggle was formed.

Rhiannon and I talked about how we get comfortable where we are and the reality of confronting what we must in turn give up when we make a move; she got into the nitty gritty of the comparison trap that is so impossible to avoid when first repatriating. And, finally, Rhiannon shared her best advice for expats preparing to repatriate back home, including what to do if you discover that moving back home wasn't the right move for you.

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