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Building A $5,000,000+ Music Education Business - with Scott Devine

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Welcome to "The Art of Selling Online Courses" podcast! Today's guest is Scott Devine, creator of Scott's Bass Lessons an online music education business.

After over a decode of travelling the world as a bass guitarist for tours and studio projects, along with occasional detours to lecture at music schools, Scott Devine felt compelled to provide online lessons.

These were not just any lessons; they were genuine and applicable to a diverse range of existing skills. Crafted to support a student-driven approach, these lessons seamlessly blended the best attributes of one-on-one instruction and university education. Above all, they aimed to transform the musical journeys of the students.

Scott's prowess as a bass player, his empathetic teaching style, and his charismatic on-camera presence quickly drew players and students from around the world and developed into a 7 figure music education business.

Scott's Website:

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