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20,000,000+ YouTube Views Teaching English Pronunciation - with Emma Walker

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Welcome to "The Art of Selling Online Courses" podcast! Today's guest is Emma Walker, from popular English language learning YouTube channel Pronunciation With Emma.

Emma is a highly qualified language professional with a BA Honours degree in English Language and Linguistics, an MSc in English Language Teaching, and over 13 years of teaching experience. With a Cambridge CELTA teaching certificate, she has guided millions of students worldwide to become confident language users.

Emma's diverse teaching portfolio includes students from prestigious companies like Nike, Canon, Adidas, Casio, and Rolex, spanning various professions from lawyers and doctors to nurses and CEOs. Her students share traits of determination, high motivation, and a strong desire for self-improvement.

Emma's passion lies in dispelling the fear associated with learning English, transforming apprehension into confidence, motivation, and independence. She empowers students to pursue dream jobs, apply for promotions, and supports them in mastering the basics of English.

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