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257 – Table Top Crowd – LatAm Breakout

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In this episode Kristin sits down with two of the designers behind the LATAM Breakout project, Misha and Wendi, to discuss their Kickstarter. They discuss how they connected with SouMuppet Publishing, provide a breakdown Here, There, Be Monsters! (by Wendi) and Cantrip (by Misha) as well as the editors and artists involved in bringing this project to life. 

LATAM Breakout features five games from five incredible designers. It is live on Kickstarter right now!

You can back it here:

You can follow them both on Twitter for updates on other projects:



A full list of the LATAM Breakout designers and their games for the project:

Guiliano Roverato, creating Brave Zenith  
Luna, creating Ultra y Eterna  
Wendi Yu, creating here, there, be monsters!  
Rachi, creating Mayflies
Misha Panarin, creating Cantrip

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