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Technical director - Couture - BALMAIN - In English

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Infiltrating a fashion house in the middle of Fashion Week is a challenge. It's electric energy and last-minute alterations means everyone is busy. Like a conductor, the technical director of the workshops is there to make all the impossible possible. Then there is the small matter of over-seeing the manufacturing process to completion. Bruno Barbier is the Karayan of Balmain. His experience of more than 30 years in fashion with the greatest designers has also forged in him the desire to pass on his knowledge to the next generation. Attention: 3, 4 (as the conductor would say to start the concert) let's go!

Have you ever wondered who is behind the hands that make fashion and luxury items every day? Behind every piece of clothing, every accessory and every object, there are men and women perpetuating these practices on a daily basis and passing down their passion. In this podcast we will meet these lovers of know-how, the faceless people who hold precious knowledge on how to make the fashion and luxury items of tomorrow. Today, we go behind the scenes to hear from these men and women in the wings, who will tell us about their profession, their passion, their desire to pass down a unique know-how. Because now more than ever in France, we need to ensure the continuation of these exceptional professions. Welcome to the podcast Savoir pour faire.

For more on the profession of technical director in fashion, find the training courses at in the Luxury and Fashion section.

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