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Ep 59 - What is the Vagus Nerve?

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In this episode, Julie and Ginger discuss the Vagus nerve and other occupational therapist topics with Allison Morgan.  Allison is the founder and CEO of Zensational Kids, an educational company with the vision of providing schools and organizations with professional development focused on boosting mental health and well-being and learning for the entire school community. Allison creates programs that integrate trauma-responsive approaches, mindfulness, and Social-Emotional learning. Zensational Kids practices can be found in over 100 countries and 11,000 schools worldwide.

When Allison was practicing occupational therapy in the school system, she saw that when she implemented yoga and mindfulness into the sessions, many of the goals were achieved.  She realized that she needed to move away from the handwriting practice, the shoelace tying, the check list sheets, and the behavior charts. Change must come from the inside out and this led Allison to learn more about the nervous system and the Vagus nerve.

Listen in to learn exactly what the Vagus nerve is and where it is in the body.  Allison leads us through several exercises aimed at calming our nervous system.

To learn more about Zensational Kids and to access Allison’s free resources, go to:

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