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Ep 56 - Getting on the Same Page: Teacher-Parent Relationships

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In this episode, Julie and Ginger are talking about relationships between parents and teachers with their guest host, Jessica Harris.  Jessica was a teacher with 17 years of experience until she began the CLIMB program.  As an alternative to out of school suspensions, the CLIMB program provides students with intensive instruction and support while keeping them in school.  Through this program, Jess is changing the educational landscape and using teacher-parent relationships as a tool.

We know that relationships are key between the teacher and their students, but what about between teachers and the parents? How do we initiate this relationship? How can we get off on the right foot? How do we approach this from a trauma informed lens? And - Why is it so important?

Listen in to learn what needs parents have, what needs teachers have and how we can fill those needs. The relationship between the parents and teacher is the key. The biggest obstacle to forming these relationships is time. Jess shares some tips to work around this obstacle.

Jess says, “We must share every win that every child achieves.” It is critical.

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