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Ep 55 - Let's Talk Regulation & Co-Regulation with Ginger Healy

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In this episode, we have invited a guest host, Kimberly Smathers, into the studio. Kimberly is on the Board of Directors of the Attachment & Trauma Network, and she is a true champion of ATN’s work. Kimberly is talking with Ginger Healy about her recent book, Regulation and Co-Regulation: Accessible Neuroscience and Connection Strategies that Bring Calm into the Classroom (15-Minute Focus).

You know Ginger as the co-host of this Regulated and Relational podcast, but what you may not know is that Ginger is a clinical social worker with almost 30 years of experience. She has worked as a child abuse investigator, a hospital social worker, and a school therapist. Oh – and she is a mom to children with special needs. So, she is very well positioned to author this book!

Ginger’s book is a quick and easy read, something we all need in our busy lives. Ginger points out that we aren’t born with the ability to regulate on our own. It takes years of experiences (and millions of those experiences) of co-regulation for us to develop that skill.

Listen in to learn the difference between accountability and punishment. Why is accountability healing? Why is punishment traumatizing? How can we use this knowledge to heal our entire community?

To order Ginger’s book, go to ATN’s bookshop at

You can also reach out to Ginger at [email protected]. She would love to hear from you.

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