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Ep 53 - Unpacking Our Griefcase

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In this episode, Julie and Ginger explore the concept of grief by welcoming Emelio Parga into the studio.  Emelio is the founder and Executive Director of the Solace Tree, a grief and loss support center for children, teens and adults in Reno, NV.  He coordinates support groups there and in the schools in Nevada.  Emelio has collaborated to create The Good Grief Project for K-12 students who have experienced loss.  Additionally, he teaches courses on death and dying. 

Emelio says that “Grief impacts everyone” and “We all carry our own griefcase”.  We can help others process their grief by listening and hearing. “It’s the little things that are really the big things,” he says.  And by listening, you may be the lifeline for someone.

Robin Williams says that “Everyone is battling something that you know nothing about.   Be kind always.” We must become doers, not just passive watchers! Be kind. Always.

To learn more about the Solace Tree and The Good Grief Project, go to

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