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99 – The power of joint ventures to accelerate your property developing

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Joint ventures are a great way to do more projects and reduce risk. Property development can at times be a lonely game so if you have other people to talk with about issues and solve problems it can really help take your developing to another level. Valerie Smith from Valsco Property Group has harnessed the power of joint ventures to enable her to take on bigger projects. Valerie and her husband have travelled the well worn path from property investors and renovators to property developers. They are now focusing on some niche disability accommodation projects to provide much needed dwellings for many Australians. In this discussion with Valerie we cover: - How more women can get into property development - the power of joint ventures to accelerate growth and reduce risk - the value of focusing on a niche product for a specific group Keep an ear out for how a shift in Valerie’s thinking around money and skills helped take her to the next level.  Link - Valsco Property Group -   Property Development Training If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of property development, in your own time and at your own pace, then be sure to head over to and take a look. I take you step by step through the development process so you know exactly what is needed to find a site, run a feasibility and complete a small scale property development, be that a duplex or 3 or 4 unit site. The training includes a bonus program called Taking It To The Next Level for people who may want to go into developing full-time. So head over to and take a look... I would love to see you on the inside... Property Developer Quiz Keen to find out how ready you might be to become a developer? Then take the Property Developer Quiz ( and get a sense of where you are at… Become a Million Dollar Property Developer Grab my book Become a Million Dollar Property Developer about my journey into property development. This book is ideal for anyone who intends to get into small-scale property development and wants an insider’s guide to successfully obtaining wealth, fulfilment, and glory. In this book, Justin will share how he succeeded in delivering a 20-townhouse project on his first property development project and what he learned along the way. Many people have a dream of becoming a property developer. They aspire to build properties, grow portfolios, and amass great wealth. However, many people often struggle with making the leap into property development. This book has the answers for how you can make the leap into property development. Grab your copy now. Social Connection Property Developer Podcast Facebook – Property Developer Podcast Instagram – Property Developer Podcast LinkedIn – Episode Summary In this episode of the Property Developer Podcast, host Justin Gehde speaks with property developer and joint venture expert, Valerie Smith. The episode focuses on the power of joint ventures to accelerate your property development projects. The conversation begins with Valerie sharing her background in property development and how she became involved in joint ventures. Valerie explains that joint ventures are a powerful tool for developers, allowing them to access funding, expertise, and resources that they might not have otherwise. She also stresses the importance of building strong relationships with potential joint venture partners, and being transparent and honest in all dealings. Spread risk and maximise returns Justin and Valerie then delve into the specific benefits of joint ventures, including the ability to spread risk and maximize returns. Valerie explains that joint ventures allow developers to pool r...

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