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110 – Surviving the Boom to Bust Rollercoaster

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Bouncing back after adversity is a story we all love, so hearing from a developer who went big only for things to unravel with costly and complex legal challenges is a fascinating insight into always striving toward your life goals. Iwan Sunito from One Global Capital is a seasoned property developer who has enjoyed several decades of success doing some major projects under his former company Crown Group. Crown developed some significant projects over the years to the value of around $4 billion before Iwan and his business partner had a falling out, which has led to a series of legal battles and ongoing challenges, which we discuss during our conversation. Iwan says One Goal Capital has a $1 billion pipeline of work that he is focused on to continue his vision of delivering city shaping projects. This was a really interesting chat for me because way back when I started the podcast and I was thinking about people I would like to have on the show Iwan was on the list so it was great to finally be able to sit down and speak with him, particularly in light of the challenges he is facing. I’m sure you will enjoy listing to Iwan’s story and appreciate some of the lessons he shares. Property Development Training If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of property development, in your own time and at your own pace, then be sure to head over to and take a look. I take you step by step through the development process so you know exactly what is needed to find a site, run a feasibility and complete a small scale property development, be that a duplex or 3 or 4 unit site. The training includes bonus programs called Raising Capital (learn the essentials around raising cash) and Taking it to the Next Level for people who may want to go into developing full-time. So head over to and take a look... I would love to see you on the inside... Property Developer Quiz Keen to find out how ready you might be to become a developer? Then take the free Property Developer Quiz ( and get a sense of where you are at… Free book - Discover the secrets of a Million Dollar Property Developer Grab a free copy of my popular book Become a Million Dollar Property Developer about my journey into property development at This book is ideal for anyone who intends to get into small-scale property development and wants an insider’s guide to successfully obtaining wealth, fulfilment, and glory. In this book, Justin will share how he succeeded in delivering a 20-townhouse project on his first property development project and what he learned along the way. Many people have a dream of becoming a property developer. They aspire to build properties, grow portfolios, and amass great wealth. However, many people often struggle with making the leap into property development. This book has the answers for how you can make the leap into property development. Grab your free copy now. Social Connection Youtube - catch up on all the episodes and my property project updates - Facebook - see what's happening on site, what I'm up to and more on Facebook – Instagram - check out my short videos about developing and my latest site updates on Instagram – LinkedIn - connect with me on LinkedIn – Links One Global Capital -

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