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Survivor: Hollywood – Emotional and Practical Realities of TV Writing (PT209)

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Alex and Nick discuss the realities of sustaining a career as a TV writer, from financial and mental hardships, to professional and personal burnout. What does "breaking in" really mean? What are the practical and emotional realities of being a TV writer? What are strategies we've found helpful for our own well-being? Why is taking care of your mental health so important for your work? How does social and professional burnout manifest? When should you quit the industry? How do you outwit, outplay, and outlast in the entertainment industry? It's time for Survivor: Hollywood. Content 1 - Realities of sustaining a TV writing career (00:01:31) 2 - Taking care of your mental health (00:30:23) Resources and Next Week On (00:59:45) Links Julia Yorks' Twitter thread on career momentum Finding Stability as a Nascent TV Writer ft. Julia Yorks (PT120) Managing Finances as an Assistant & Staff Writer ft. Kiyong Kim (PT16) Brittani Nichols' Twitter thread on TV writer pay disparity Positive Mindset and Resilience in the Writers' Room ft. Rochée Jeffrey & April Shih (PT161) Resources WGA Career Longevity Committee Mental Health Resources for Angelenos "Happier in Hollywood" podcast If you enjoy Paper Team, please consider supporting us on Patreon at! :) You can find Paper Team on Twitter: Alex - @TVCalling Nick - @_njwatson For any questions, comments or feedback, you can e-mail us: [email protected]

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