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Listen to works that include gamelan, but take a more western approach for this New Sounds - like combining Celtic traditional music and Indonesian gamelan in music from Gamelan Son of Lion and composer/sax player and bagpiper Matthew Welch. In the music of Barbara Benary, the co-founder and guiding spirit of Gamelan Son of Lion, there is a juxtaposition of Cape Breton Celtic singing, gamelan and Benary herself on violin. Also, hear the Celtic-Balinese tapestry of Matthew Welch’s chamber rock hybrid Blarvuster with its Scottish bagpipes, Balinese gamelan, and Welch’s vocalizing in Indonesian. Plus, Lou Harrison’s "Threnody for Carlos Chavez," written for viola and gamelan ensemble, and music from NYC-based Patrick Grant, who serves his post-minimalism with a twist of Rock and Balinese gamelan. That, and more.

PROGRAM #3691 Gamelan Plus (First aired on 2/3/2015)  





Gamelan Son of Lion


John Morton: She (really) Had To Go [9:23]

Innova 718

Patrick Grant

Patrick Grant

Fields Amaze [8:35]

Available at

Gamelan Son of Lion


Barbara Benary: Jigalullaby [8:23]

Innova 718

Matthew Welch  & Blarvuster


Canntaireachd Masolah I [6:23]

Tzadik 8077

Lou Harrison

Drums Along The Pacific

Threnody for Carlos Chavez [8:00]

New Albion #122
Out of print, but available as a download via Amazon 

Bill Alves
(performed by Susan Jensen, violin; The HMC American Gamelan)

Mystic Canyon

Mystic Canyon for Violin and Gamelan [5:20]

MicroFest Records

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