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The LAST Marketing In Your Car Ever… (And What To Expect Next)

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Yes… this is the last one ever :( BUT… don’t worry, something even COOLER is about to start!

On this final episode of Marketing In Your Car, Russell announces that there will be no more episodes, but that the podcast is re-branding as Marketing Secrets podcast.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • Why Russell decided to re-brand the podcast and how he obtained the new name.
  • Where you can find the new podcast, Marketing Secrets, and what to expect.

So listen below and don’t forget to subscribe to the new podcast at


What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, I want to welcome you guys to the last, this is kind of a bittersweet moment. But this is the last, officially, last ever Marketing In Your Car. Oh, that makes me kind of sad. But with every death comes a new rebirth, at least I think that’s what they say. If not, they should say it, I’ll probably start saying it. It’s kind of cool actually.

So the end of Marketing In Your Car, it is the end. I’ve been doing this now for 3 or 4 years, and I love it and I’ve got a lot of you guys listening on, but I’ve wanted to kind of do a re-branding of it for a long time, but I didn’t have the right name, the right thing, the right hook, the right something that was amazing. And if you can’t do something amazing, then why do it? That’s kind of my thought. And then the other day, my friend John Reese, he posted something, that he was selling one of his domains. It was a domain back from when I got started, I remember it was a blog he had and it was called I was like, “Oh my gosh, Marketing Secrets is so cool.” I know that every product either is something secrets, or hacker. But for whatever reason, those two words I love and I wanted this one.

I did a deal with him and now I own and this podcast is now being re-branded as Isn’t that cool. So the real reason is Marketing In Your Car, I know for all you guys that hang out with me, this is a cool thing, but when you see it in iTunes store, it seems kind of childish. Maybe not childish, because I’m a cool childish, but it doesn’t seem like, non of that mass appeal that I really wanted, and does. It’s so cool and exciting.

So a couple of cool things we’re going to do. First off, I have a new iTunes cover we’ll be posting on Monday, so next time you look at your phone you’ll see this new thing and be like, “Wait, what is that.” It’s got my face on it because I wanted you guys to know what I look like, so there you. It says Marketing Secrets on it, if you go to it has places to subscribe, all those kind of things like that. Plus all the posted episodes, plus the other cool thing we’re going to do, instead of just doing the audio like this right now. I’m going to start doing it as a video and post the videos on as well. So some of you guys that like video can check it out there too. So that’s kind of what’s happening.

Anyway, I have a Facebook Live starting in two minutes, but I wanted to jump on real quick and give you guys a heads up of what’s happening, what the changes are, so you’re not freaking out next week when you see the new stuff, but you’re more excited. So Marketing Secrets Podcast is the new name that this show will be known for. We’ve got a new intro that’s so cool. I’ve never been proud of my Marketing In Your Car intros, I’m not going to lie. This one, Steven Larsen spent like 2 days working on the audio to make it awesome. The script is like a very big us versus them, sticking it to the man. So all of us marketers who don’t cheat, can all be part of that, which is exciting.

I’m at the office, because my Facebook Live starts in one minute. So I’m running while I finish this one. But it’s exciting, so look Monday for Marketing Secrets podcast, same feed, same everything, nothing has changed. But you’ll see new icons, new things. I think I’m going to start doing each episode as “Secret number one” boom, “Secret number two” so it’ll be kind of cool that way too. All the old back archives will stay and remain forever, because I don’t know, maybe someone wants to listen to me someday, that’s kind of cool.  So they will be there forever.

And that’s about it. Okay I’m about to run into the office, but one last thing for you guys to know, is if you haven’t started…….yeah, I’m super late huh. Alright, I’m running, so the last thing that I would make sure, if you haven’t seen the new show, if you go to, we’ve got two episodes that have been live so far and we’re doing three episodes a week of that show, and it’s been amazing. So go check out and I’ll to you on Monday, bye everybody.

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