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How to Liberate and Express Yourself, Both in Bed and Business

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Welcome to a transformative episode of "Let's Get This Skinny"! In this empowering conversation, host Kiki is joined by the incredible Franziska Freitag, fondly known as Franzi. As a longtime friend, coach, and mentor, Franzi delves into her journey of breaking free from societal norms and helping women unlock pleasure, fulfillment, and freedom in their lives.

Franzi, originally from Germany, shares her unique perspective on embracing the divine feminine and the importance of finding balance between the masculine and feminine energies. Drawing from her experiences in a male-dominated business world, Franzi discusses how tapping into intuition and creativity can lead to success while emphasizing the necessity of action.

The conversation takes a fascinating turn as Franzi explores the intersection of sexuality, pleasure, and business success. She sheds light on syncing with one's menstrual cycle, the role of deep listening, and creating a safe space to explore one's desires, both in the realms of sexuality and business.

Franzi introduces the concept of the dark feminine—an archetype that encourages women to embrace their deepest desires, even those hidden in the shadows. She provides practical steps for women to connect with their inner selves, foster self-love, and integrate the dark feminine into their lives.

As the episode unfolds, Franzi encourages listeners to explore their fantasies, engage in self-discovery, and build a relationship with their bodies. The conversation is an invitation to women everywhere to reclaim their power, trust their instincts, and step into the fullness of their authentic selves.

Don't miss this transformative episode that challenges societal norms, embraces feminine energy, and empowers women to redefine success on their own terms. Tune in for a riveting discussion that transcends boundaries and opens the door to a world of self-discovery and empowerment.

Franzi's Links: https://franziskafreitag.myflodesk.com/linkinbio 

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