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Exploring Passion, Pleasure, and Purpose: A Candid Conversation with Susan Bratton

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In this captivating episode of "Let's Get the Skinny," host Kiki engages in a thought-provoking dialogue with the remarkable Susan Bratton, a renowned intimacy expert and advocate for passionate relationships. Susan's wisdom and insights, garnered from years of experience and expertise, offer a refreshing perspective on navigating the complexities of modern dating and relationships.

As Susan shares her journey and expertise, listeners are treated to a candid exploration of the evolving landscape of relationships, touching on topics ranging from values alignment to the power of sexual awakening. With authenticity and humor, Susan delves into the nuances of desire, self-discovery, and the importance of clear communication in fostering fulfilling connections.

From debunking myths about feminine energy to embracing one's unique desires and non-negotiables, Susan's empowering message resonates deeply, inspiring listeners to embrace their authenticity and embark on a journey of self-discovery and sexual empowerment.

Tune in to this illuminating conversation as Susan Bratton shares invaluable insights and practical advice for cultivating passion, pleasure, and purpose in relationships and beyond.


Susan's Links:

LinkedIn @Do.The.20 @SusanBratton Better Lover The Sexual Soulmate Pact Relationship Magic

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