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Curating a Luxe Life: A Masterclass with Erica Reitman

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Join Kiki Athanas and her friend, Erica Reitman, in an exclusive masterclass on living a luxurious life, breaking the rules, and becoming the CEO millionaire version of yourself. Erica, a renowned business coach and agency owner, shares her morning routine secrets, her unique approach to journaling, and how she handles the highs and lows of social media visibility.

Discover the power of intentional curation as Erica discusses how she stays on trend and ahead of the game. From unfollowing to intentionally selecting content that sparks inspiration, learn the art of embracing a mindset that lets you shine in the face of online critics.

In this episode, Erica also opens up about her experiences with internet trolls, the importance of embracing vulnerability, and how she navigates the ever-changing landscape of success and authenticity. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools to curate your own path to a fabulously bougie life!

Follow Erica: https://www.instagram.com/ericareitman/



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