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Breath of Life: Unleashing the Power Within

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Join us in this transformative episode of "Let's Get the Skinny" as Kiki Athanas dives into the profound world of breathwork with the inspiring MJ Renshaw. MJ, a seasoned energy healer, medium, and breathwork facilitator, shares her journey of self-discovery and the incredible impact breathwork has had on her life.

Discover the essence of living authentically as MJ unfolds the steps to shedding layers that don't align with your true self. Learn how to eliminate societal expectations and embrace what truly brings you joy. In a heartfelt conversation, Kiki explores the intersection of science and spirituality, unraveling the secrets to MJ's magnetic and luxurious yet grounded life.

MJ candidly discusses her personal struggles with anorexia and her healing journey. Listen as she shatters common misconceptions about breathwork, emphasizing a personalized and intuitive approach tailored to individual needs.

Explore the connection between breath and overall well-being, from skin health to digestion. Gain valuable insights into the fundamental role of breath in maintaining optimal health and vitality. MJ's passion for empowering others to explore and understand their unique breath patterns shines through as she encourages a collaborative and intuitive approach to breathwork.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment as MJ Renshaw shares the life-changing potential of the breath of life. Tune in to learn practical tips, personal anecdotes, and the transformative power of conscious breathing in this episode that breathes life into your authentic self.

Follow MJ: https://www.instagram.com/beingmethod/

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