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Bricking News! March 4th - 10th, 2023

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That time again, Bricking News time! What are the headlines for the week?  Well, we finally get set images of 3 (of the 4) Indiana Jones sets, today is MAR10 Day, and Mando makes his entrance with season 3 sets!  Time to jump into hyperspace and get into this exciting news time.
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Oscillating Desk Fan
Fungus Collection

Set Review: 76420 Triwizard Tournament The Black Lake

  • Bricklink Designer Program
  • TT Games cancellations
  • Big money for The LEGO Group
  • Mando season 3
  • Indiana Jones sets
  • Canceled Indy set
  • 30th anniversary... with poop
  • Epic games collab
  • LOTR Designers
  • MAR10 Day
  • Sprinter LEGO style
  • Ghost plays with LEGO

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