Back 2 Brick LEGO® Podcast podcast

Back 2 Brick LEGO® Podcast

Garrett Gourley

Garrett Gourley is an Adult Fan of LEGO® (AFOL) that isn't just passionate about building LEGO, but talking about them too! Back 2 Brick is dedicated to, well, everything LEGO! Providing Adult Fans of LEGO listeners with a way to get Back 2 LEGO. Missed out on some LEGO news this past week? Every Friday we post Bricking News to help you "rebuild" what new and exciting things are happening with LEGO! The primary focus of Back 2 Brick is to give our listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the LEGO MOCs and sets they see every day. Every Monday we host a LEGO Designer guest to interview them about their stunning creations and how LEGO interacts within their lives. Even if you think you know everything about LEGO, believe me, you will learn something new! If you are new to LEGO, welcome! This podcast can help teach you a thing or to about LEGO, AFOLs, and welcome you into a community of creativity. We designed Back 2 Brick for fans to "click" into the LEGO mainstream. Get Creative, Get out there, and go Build Something!

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