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Bricking News! March 18th - 24th, 2023

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This week LEGO is looking to expand it's media presence around the world. I can't wait to see what they are thinking of for their next campaign! Massive LEGO displays are going around the blog from Ohio to London you have to see! Finally, it's racing time boys with the newest LEGO racing game from 2K Drive.

Set Review: 31139 Cozy House

Car crash = stole LEGO sets
Land Rover license plates
Brickman display in Ohio
Stop motion class
New mando figure?
Monet water lily - MASSIVE!
Intentionally break a LEGO piece?!
2K Game revealed - LINK
Global Media Review
Easter LEGO Store fun
Cherry tree
make your plane really fly! - well, look like it
Star Wars Brickheadz
Skywalker Saga = Indiana Jones
UCS Sail Barge
Bricktales Easter level
Another canceled set?!

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