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Bricking News! March 11th - 17th, 2023

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I'm a classic car buff, so a new LEGO Icons set is just what I needed!  I am going to be very broke this year!  In the news this week Mando gets a new dark saber, easter gwp sets are here, Mario Day recap, and an archade game is coming?? So much to look forward to as always!
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Oscillating Desk Fan
Fungus Collection 

Set Review: 10283 NASA Space Shuttle

  • Land Rover Defender 90
  • Dark Saber!
  • rumored Pac Man set
  • Ariel palace 18+?
  • Easter GWP sets
  • Ted Lasso LEGO set
  • BrickUniverse moving location
  • Star Wars Celebration Europe reveal
  • St. Patrick's Day Dublin
  • Mario Day overhype
  • Ninjago United
  • license lawsuit dropped
  • Ebay prices going up!
  • Congrats Michelle Yeoh!
  • Adidas trainers
  • Winter village rumor
  • Windsor Woodland Village
  • Indiana Jones set officially canceled

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