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39. Ria Lina - Keeping Athena Company

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In this episode I am joined by the irrepressible Ria Lina. As well as being a top notch comedian, Ria has a BSc in Experimental Pathology, an MSc in Forensic Science and a PhD in Virology. More degrees that you can shake a Polaroid picture at. She's a fab talker and our conversation covered more miles than Ellen MacArthur. From breastfeeding to the civil service to gender to the British education system to how they treat public servants in Singapore. And more. Enjoy.

More about Ria:

Ria is a comedian, writer and actor who has been seen on on shows like Mock The Week (BBC), Yesterday, Today and the Day Before (Comedy Central) and Unforgivable (Dave). At the time of publishing, she's the only pro Filipino comedian in the UK today and probably the only one with all those tasty degrees but that makes for an intelligent, considered and vital comedian and comedy writer.

She's got various scripted projects up her sleeve as well as more TV appearances to come. Keep up by following Ria on her socials:

Twitter: @rialina_

Instagram: @rialina_




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