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S2 Ep33: The Library on the Moon, Remembering the Great Power Blackout, The Placebo Effect and the Mind/Body Connection + More

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The world-famous Illusionist David Copperfield who made the Statue of Liberty disappear and his mission to create the Lunar Library, a library on the Moon. The great power blackout of 2003 and it’s connection to street parties, community and the power of the night sky. And, say this five times fast: tricky tongue twisters and other sublimely surprising sounds of human languages. Then, the Placebo Effect and the man who laughed himself well: Medicine, Hypnosis and the Mind/Body connection.

Welcome to the Kaleidoscope Gallery where we exhibit conversations and stories about the real, the surreal and somewhere in-between…

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Hosted & Produced by: Paul David
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