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CTO View: From Cloud to Metaverse

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What is the metaverse and what does it mean for you? Michael Kagan, Chief Technology Officer at NVIDIA, explains the metaverse (or omniverse, as NVIDIA calls it) and links concepts around cloud computing, data centers, digital twins, and AI.

If you've wondered what the metaverse is or how our digital world is changing, you'll want to watch this interview.

The conversation includes these topics:
-- About Michael Kagan, CTO, of NVIDIA
-- What is the metaverse or omniverse?
-- On digital twin applications in the metaverse (or omniverse)
-- On computing platforms and the metaverse (or omniverse)
-- On AI and the metaverse (or omniverse)
-- On collecting data for advanced digital simulations
-- On federated learning and autonomous vehicles
-- On differences between smart manufacturing digital twins and the metaverse (or omniverse)
-- On cloud computing platforms, data centers, and the metaverse (or omniverse)
-- On cryptocurrencies and the metaverse
-- On how the metaverse (omniverse) will change distributed computing and data storage

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Michael Kagan has been NVIDIA's CTO (Chief Technology Officer) since May 2020. He joined NVIDIA through the acquisition of Mellanox, where he was CTO and a co-founder of the company, founded in April 1999. From 1983 to April 1999, Kagan held a number of architecture and design positions at Intel Corporation. Kagan holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology.

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